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    Jody Dawson
    Jan 9 th, 2017
    Volcally Team Blog No Comments

    Nature vs Nurture

    Ah yes, the age old debate of nature vs. nurture. I love this one. Most of us fall on one side of the fence or the other on this topic. Those in the nature camp believe that we are genetically born and predisposed to be whom we are today and that the outside world has very little influence on us. The nurture people believe that how we are brought up and our lifetime of experiences from childhood to adulthood is what helps shape who we are today. I am not really sure where I stand on the issue, honestly. Part of me wants to believe that nurture is the real difference-maker. That each of us, if developed properly, could be something really great under the right circumstances. That whether or not we hit the genetic lottery at birth is what will ultimately seal our fate just doesn’t seem fair to me. But hey, life isn’t fair… or at least that is what my Dad always told me. I guess I probably would fall in the non-committal camp by saying a little bit of both is what makes you who you are today. While I know that opinion isn’t exactly revolutionary, it seems to make the most sense based off what I have seen in my 36 years on this planet. So what does this have to do with volunteering? Everything….

    I try really hard to teach my kids the importance of giving back and being selfless. I feel like it is such a gift to give of yourself, that I try to teach them the importance of that in their daily lives. Whether it’s is through sharing, volunteering or helping out their siblings, we try to celebrate the moments when they give of themselves. While it is undoubtedly a hard topic to grasp at such a young age it takes me back to the nature vs. nurture argument. Are my kids, or anyone for that matter, predisposed to being givers? To being selfless? My guess is that some people really are born that way. Some people are just born with that over-sized heart and just love helping, giving and sharing of themselves. I suspect that these are the kids who will one day grow up to be nurses, teachers, volunteers, social workers and any other profession that is so noble in spirit but so deficient in pay. For that small number of folks out there that give and share and volunteer because of the kindness in their heart, those people should be celebrated and admired. Those people are saints (literally) and have names like Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi, MLK, Pope John Paul II and on and on. But what about the rest of us? We need a little more nurture and encouragement to do good than the Mother Theresa’s of the world. And that is where Volcally comes in. No one should be ashamed of themself if they don’t devote their entire state of being to giving of themselves. A very small handful of those people have ever walked the earth. The rest of us need nurture, we need encouragement and Volcally is the very platform and accelerator to help usher the rest of us forward to action. Any incentive that calls someone to invoke an act of kindness is something that should be celebrated. At Volcally we have to remind ourselves of that every day. We ARE fighting the good fight. We ARE making a difference. We ARE helping call people to action. And that makes all the difference in the world.