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    Volcally Team
    Jan 15 th, 2017
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    Getting Started as a Nonprofit on Volcally

    It won’t take long for Nonprofits to realize that Volcally is a little different from other volunteer support resources they may have used or organizations they may have worked with in the past.

    We’ve provided a few tips & considerations below that will help Nonprofits leverage those differences to get the most value out of Volcally:

    1. Think BIG. post small.
    One of the core differences between Volcally and other volunteer support organizations is our focus on “micro-projects”. Volunteers should be able to make a difference by giving you a few hours (or less!) of their time. So Nonprofits should think about the strategic goals they have as an organization, then break down the steps for achieving those goals into as many micro-projects as possible, then posting them on Volcally.

    2. Think Virtual Before Physical.
    The Volcally platform was built to make working with volunteers simple and effective, regardless of where they’re located. Eventually, Volcally will have enough volunteers in each major US metro area to make the idea of volunteering locally (i.e. VOLunteering loCALLY – get it? 🙂 ) valuable & achievable. However, today, Volcally volunteers are scattered across the country. So micro-projects that can be completed virtually will bring a much higher volume of volunteer applicants than hands-on, in-person projects.

    3. Help Us Help You.
    We built Volcally to help nonprofit organizations make a bigger impact with their work through giving them access to an army of volunteers with specific skills, talents and interests. But to make Volcally work like it should, we need the Nonprofit’s help too. Specifically, Nonprofits can help us by: a) using Volcally as much and as often as possible. Our volunteers want to help, so we need Nonprofits to give them ample opportunities. b) Promoting us by posting all virtual micro-projects on Volcally and encouraging their existing volunteer base to join Volcally and use it to stay updated on your virtual micro-project support needs. And c) bearing with us as we get things rolling. Volcally just launched, and there will be a few bumps along the way. So periodic feedback on what’s working and what’s not from Nonprofits will be extremely helpful as we grow.

    Hope this helps!  We will post additional tips, guidance and considerations here on the blog in the future as we receive feedback from Nonprofit members.

    If you work with a Nonprofit and have not yet joined Volcally, you can sign up here: