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    Jody Dawson
    Jan 10 th, 2017
    Volcally Team Blog No Comments

    Build A Legacy You Can Be Proud Of

    At some point in your life there is a switch that gets flipped. When giving a gift becomes more satisfying than receiving one. It could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’ve received all the cool gifts for all the adolescent mile markers you go through growing up. Your first bike; your first treasured doll or toy; that shiny new piece of technology that is all the rage for that particular year. At some point you have experienced or accumulated a variety of things over time and that joyful feeling you experience when wrapping your fingers around that treasured item slowly begins to fade. What makes you happy changes over time and getting those material items is not quite as high in your hierarchy of needs made famous by Abraham Maslow. After you receive a few decades worth of birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter or whatever gifts, the newness and luster of getting those gifts slowly starts to fade. Regardless of your social stature in this world or how expensive the gifts you get, some would say that each new gift you receive becomes a smaller fraction of the gifts you have received over your entire lifetime. Whatever the deep rooted reason within us, at some point getting a gift doesn’t resonate in the same way as giving a gift.

    I think there’s more to the feeling of giving than just the simple fact that getting a gift isn’t as big of deal to you as you age. If you have ever given a gift to a young child or loved one you know the satisfaction you get when you see the joy in that person’s face when they pull the paper off that gift and see something they truly cherish regardless of how small or insignificant. Seeing that happiness and joy in that person’s face hits a feeling deep down inside rooted in nurturing and care for others that is a key driver for continuing the human race. I think most of us can agree that it is that connection or camaraderie with other people that makes life worth living. It is the feeling of giving that is the fuel for that fire of relationships and demonstrating your affection for those you love or who is in need. It is that very gift of giving and wanting to provide that feeling to someone you know that motivates many of us to work hard and climb the ladder of success so that we can, in a very small way, perpetuate the feeling of giving to our friends and family through food and shelter and other simplistic needs.

    We want Volcally to be part of our Legacy in this world. We want this to be one of the many gifts that we contribute to this world and hopefully something that will perpetuate the goodness in people’s hearts to help their fellow man. We want this to be our Legacy. What will be the Legacy you leave once you have left this earth? Come join Volcally and help leave your imprint on this world.

    Leave Your Legacy.